Thursday, April 09, 2009

Fallaces sunt rerum species

Ah Spring! The season of change is indeed upon us big time. This week--the first one in April -- is as nice as anyone could want. Sunny and mild by day, a full moon in a clear sky by night. The cherry blossoms are blossoming. It's all good. So I notice it is time to do spring cleaning, and in the process, I have so far found some hideous ties that have to go, as well as four good suits that, alas, are waaay to small... or rather I am waaay too big for four good suits.
The season also reminds that it is a good idea to get out, not only to enjoy the weather and the blossoms, but to shed some of that extra girth. This is not a fitness campaign, but a reality check. I was thinking of making pasta for supper, because that and a nice salad and a lot of walking are supposed to be a good combination. Let's see what happens.