Sunday, March 27, 2005

Easter and other holidays

I get confused by commercial holidays, because they are often just excuses to sell chocolate. Valentine's Day used to be a day to send and get valentines. Little romantic notes on hard candies took over: "kiss me"
And of course Christmas is more an excuse to sell toys and game machines and Ipod Minis than a religious event. I guess some parts of the world do keep to their holy days, which is cool. And I suppose it's also nice that people can enjoy holidays even if they are not believers of a particular religion. So having a couple of extra days off at Easter is nice, no matter what we may know or care about the reason for the holiday. But I get confused. Santa brings toys. The Great Pumpkin brings...what? Pumpkin seeds?
And the Easter Bunny brings....eggs? Come on. Eggs? What would the Easter Chicken bring then?
Don't answer that.

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