Sunday, August 19, 2007

Many Happy Returns

I have just received (well, an hour ago, to be honest) my second birthday greeting. It was from a nice young lady who works with autistic children. She is a very unselfish and happy-minded woman, and I am proud to know her.

My first birthday greeting was automatically generated from an astrology site. Now, I am not particularly astrology-minded, but I don't dump on the idea, because it helps explain some things that are awfully darned hard to explain by other means, scientific or spiritual or otherwise.

And one thing I learned from that little birthday greeting that I didn't learn from my friend, is that there is something called the Solar Return, which means that on your birthday, the sun returns to the same relative position in the universe that it was in when you were born. Did you know that? I didn't. I'm not even sure if it's true, but it could also explain some things, because I am not in the same place I was in when I was born, and that apparently screws with the wa, astrologically speaking.

I'll take that as a way of explaining how this birthday has so far not been exactly the great whooping mound of happiness I hoped it would be so far. Of course it is only an hour and 28 minutes into the program, but I am still awaiting the fiery sunny part of my rising stars to do their stuff.

I'm a Leo, and Leos are supposed to be all sorts of good things. A little rundown I got is that they love to host parties and events. And I have invited another very nice young lady, in fact, to come over for dinner to help mark this birthday. But it also says Leos are rarely found alone, and that has not been the case for a couple of months now. I guess that is why the less-nice things about Leos are also appropriate. My horoscope says I am loving, fun and very giving to those in my personal life, and very forthright about my affection for my partner. In matters of sex, I am adventurous, fun and highly energetic. Hmmm. Well, it says mates are chosen for their willingness to allow the Leo to take the lead, and look for lovers who are uninhibited and not self-conscious. My mate must be my intellectual equal. Hmm again. I like to think so. There is more. Like my strongest compatibility is with Aires. I thought so too, but that didn't work out. So, I await the coming of my ruling planet, the Sun, and hope that the things that are supposed to apply to us Leos will shine on me today. I hope they shine on you too, whether or not it is your birthday. To help it along, here's a little music from two of my favorites, George Harrison and Paul Simon:

Many happy solar returns.

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