Sunday, September 02, 2007

Floral Tribute

This time of summer is a bit awkward in terms of growing or trying to grow flowers. I love flowers, and being on the sixth floor, my little balcony garden only faces east in the morning, so flowers have to try hard to get their vitamins in the early half of the day. The rest of the time, I make do with florist flowers and actually quite nice ones from the supermarket.

Fowers are a way to bring a bit of sunshine inside, and flowers help us smile when we've lost a reason to smile, as I have. Maybe that's why flowers are such a part of daily life for many people, from cradle to grave and beyond. Artists and photographers from Vincent Van Gogh to Robert Maplethorp have made flowers metaphorical images as well as subjects. So I think it is ok to have a little flower arrangement on my table, one in the bedroom and one even in the bathroom.

Not so many years ago, I gave a rose to the woman I love. She has a favorite Italian phrase that uses roses as a metaphor. I hope she still has flowers in her life now.

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